Nom Nom Nominated

Nom Nom Nominated

Apparently, I’ve been nominated again this year for the Bloggies, some loony nominated me in two categories. Narrative blogger and humorous blogger. Now, due to events that have transpired since those noms, I have removed my name from the voting. But still… a nom is a nom by any other nom.

I’m referring to my nominator as a loony, not because I know this to be true, but because quite obviously they have missed the point of my blog. And that is this…


The shit that happens to me is real, my reactions are grave in the extreme and anything on my blog that makes you laugh is simply you being callous. I’m highly sensitive, finely attuned to the world around me and my bewilderment at this – I have no other word for it – mistake, is probably written all over my face.

If you want to laugh at a middle-aged, chubby Englisher who has a disastrous life, you go ahead but know this… there’s a person behind the writer behind the avatar, and she can be hurt. However, being an eternal optimist, I want to make the best of the situation.

OBVIOUSLY, if I was nominated it should be for something super like ‘best blogger in the world’ category or something.

But we have lemons, we make a huge G&T and get on with it. Yada, yada. (I borrowed yada, yada from my ex mother-in-law, her Jewish sayings were by far the best thing about her. I could even bake better challah than her, and I’m of Irish Catholic heritage).

You can go and vote in all the categories if you so wish (but as I say, I have removed my name from the ballot). The only limiting factor is that you must be logged into a Google account to vote – to avoid cheating ‘n’ such.

So, we’ve established that – most probably – the kind person or persons who nominated me didn’t know they were being offensive and that I will not win either category, I thought I’d do my speech anyway though, just for fun. I’d like to know what you think?

“Ladies, Gentlemen and non-binary individuals, I’m so happy to be here tonight with you all, celebrating the wonderful world of Second Life blogging.

I really had no expectation of winning this (gazes at the Oscar-like statue in my beautifully-manicured hand) award, and hadn’t prepared a speech.

But I want you all to know that I don’t feel alone standing here under the spotlight. With me in my heart are the amazing designers I have been fortunate enough to work with, the outstanding readers of my blog – without whom I’d just be a crazy woman with bad hair, talking to herself and finally, all those bloggers who weren’t as fortunate as me and weren’t awarded this (looks at statue again) honour.

I urge you all to keep working as hard as you can to be the best you can be, not for anybody else, but for yourself. Improvement is the result of continual hard work and despite my dicky laptop and childlike colour palette, I’ve achieved a level of greatness nobody but my mother ever expected. Even then, I see a look of surprise on her face sometimes.

On that note, I’d like to thank my wonderful Mum for her support, encouragement and advice about the safe storage and use of meat and dairy products, much of which helped me to become the woman I am today and avoid salmonella.

Here, in front of you all, I feel humbled to be a small part of something great – a movement of avatars dedicated to wearing clothes made by actual clever people and taking photographs of them. What more noble profession can there be in Second Life than this?

I accept this award on behalf of every little girl who has ever seen an outfit and thought ‘I’d look great in that if only I could completely redesign my own body’. We did it, people. We really did it.”

Seriously though, thank you for the nominations, even though I’m not going to go through the voting process in the categories, I feel like a winner just for someone caring enough.

And double seriously though… I love that people actually read my blogs and reply. It’s really nice. Thank you. ❤

What are you wearing?

Hair – KoKoLoReS Nephele at The Liaison Collaborative (Sisch Firecaster’s Flickr)
Outfit – Cynful Jemma’s Casual Go To Outfit (Top, Shorts, Stockings) at Equal 10 (Cynful Flickr)
Venue – Liz’s pad – thank you Elizabeth ❤


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