You Should Be In Bed

You should be in bed

Good morning and happiest of Mondays to you, blog reader. Why am I so chirpy? Not sure… maybe it was the extra hour in bed this weekend that did it. It certainly wasn’t an exciting weekend, but I guess I’m not alone in that.

You may not know, but I like to play video games (as we called them back in the 80s when nothing was cooler than Michael J Fox on a hoverboard – actually, nothing has yet topped that IMHO). I’m choosy though. I like the Hitman series, the Deus Ex series and the Fable series… all of which are prone to closure, stoppages and downright dumping in the trash. Plus, the latest Hitman wasn’t to my liking at all, far too structured. But, I digress.

They have something in common, can you spot it? In each, I get an immense amount of freedom to wander around and approach missions and aims in my own way. This is who I am, folks.

Steam was most surprised when I decided I might take a look at Grand Theft Auto V. They pointed out it wasn’t a new game and I said ‘I know’. They said that I had never shown any interest in games like this before. I said, ‘I know’. But the thing is, they didn’t understand the criteria of games for me. They think I like to shoot people but not indiscriminately (they don’t know about Fable, I played that on a console). They think it’s RPG that floats my boat… but, it’s freedom.

Of course, in the case of GTA V, it’s freedom to be a huge shit of the highest order and that’s not normally my bag. I like my violence encased in a veneer of heroism or respectability. I’m not a street thug, wandering around bashing folks over the head and stealing their cars. Well… I am now.

Admittedly, I only do that particular crime when I really need to get somewhere and someone else has stolen my car. Being a woman and not bright enough to take on a male avatar or give myself a name like PREPUBESCENTIDIOT69, I’m easily spotted as a potential victim and some kid with just as much freedom as me, but significantly better gun skills blasts the shit out of me regularly. One kid killed me 3 times in a row, I got to block him for a bit because of that excess and then he hired someone else to kill me on his behalf.

How do I know he’s a kid? Well, I don’t. I don’t have voice on in GTA V, so I can’t hear what they’re yelling at me as they mow me down repeatedly – and that is why. It’s a hangover from the old days of gaming when I tried Halo online and none of the boys wanted me in their team. As soon as I said ‘Hi’ in a squeaky voice in the lobby they were all ‘OH MAAAAAAAAAAN, IT’S A GIRL, IT’S A F*CKING GIRL’. They assumed I’d be rubbish because I was female.

And I was, reader.

But not because I was female, because I was a noob.

So yeah. I’m playing the game from the point of view of trying to get some shady businesses going and trying not to die all the time while doing it. Yesterday, I set my character swimming around in circles to build up her stamina, so she could run for more than 3 metres while on a heist. You could say I’m in training to not get left behind by the boys. I stuck some sellotape over the controls and went and watched ‘Life’ on BBC iPlayer. Pretty good viewing and just my middle-aged cup of tea. I’m sure Steam would agree.

As for that little bird on the bench in my picture, it should be in bed.

bueno dress uber knitted autumn 2020 readmeri second life

What Are You Wearing?

Visit – Midnight in Paris
Dress – BUENO-Lexi Sweater Dress-PERKY-Fatpack (BUENO Flickr)
Hat/Hair – [RA] Ary Hair (Candela Kira Flickr)
Boots/Socks – Addams // Serena Boho Tall Boots with Socks // Legacy (Addams Flickr)
Pose – (marukin) tulips set – touch (2nd image)


  • I can’t do FPS. I get motion sickness after a short while. So, like your Rocky training for Apollo Creed? I hope that you have a great soundtrack to inspire you. 😉

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  • I love video games! I played them long before it was *ahem* commonplace for ladies to do so. GTA is not my thing (I also get motion sickness) but I loved playing Grand Theft Auto IV because I had a mad crush on Niko Bellic, the main character. My husband used to sigh as I drove (badly) around Liberty City crashing into things yelling Niko Bellic is my boyfriend. That installment of the GTA franchise had an element that my husband didn’t like, you had to hang out with people, call your girlfriend and buy nice clothes etc. so we would team-up. I would do all that nonsense and he would do the missions. I’m somewhat ashamed to say I did punch an old lady (in-game) but otherwise was as nice a thug as I could be.

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    • Haha Oh Marge… sometimes you have to punch the old people… I stole an old guy’s car yesterday and he threw me back out of it and kicked my ass. This is what you get for making allowances.

      How is GTA IV different from V? X

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  • It’s true, I guess sometimes you do have to punch an old lady. It’s for the good of the game after all…haha.

    I think all the GTA games are basically the same except for the characters and setting. I only played IV because I liked the main character and plot. I couldn’t get into any of the others. I was more of a Tomb Raider fan way back when.

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