The Fantasy Dad League

The Fantasy Dad League

You’ve heard of a girl having ‘daddy issues’ right? Well, I most certainly do. It’s not that I don’t have a Dad, I do. It’s just that our relationship hasn’t been what I’d have liked it to be and so, sometimes, I look at an older man and think, ‘I wish he was my dad’. Or… I guess, I wish my dad was more like him.

It also slightly affects the men I date. I like a man who is a good father (if he is one) and he earns significant bonus points if he puts his back into the job. I don’t need a man I’m with to be my dad, it doesn’t affect me like that.

Even if you have the best dad in the world, it can be fun to have a Fantasy Dad League, so join me. Choose your favourite older guys and tell me why they would be your fantasy dad.

First up, we have my all-time dad-crush, Michael Palin…

Seen in this picture at about the age I first decided he might be the one I wanted to show my school report to. Michael is probably the sweetest man alive, nobody has a bad word to say about him, he’s hilarious, interesting and has the most gorgeous craggy face. He met his wife when he was 16 on a family holiday and they have three children and four grandchildren.

Next in line for my dad-crushes (in chronological order) is Sir Patrick Stewart…

Where do I begin? Well, he’s quite a serious man, intelligent, educated. He’s northern – his beautiful voice is the result of training, not geography. He’s politically-aware, a feminist and someone who cares about the wellbeing of mankind. Yes, he’s on his third marriage, but you can’t have everything! Oh and he drinks whiskey, that’s a must! Plus he was the best captain of the Starship Enterprise, ever.

Finally, my most recent but no less valued favourite – Morgan Freeman.

Just look at that little face! How could anybody not want Morgan Freeman as their fantasy dad? And I’ve not even begun to talk about his voice. Basically, I could sit at the feet of Mr Freeman all day and listen to him. I’m sure everything he says sounds wise. That can only be partly because he is damned wise. He campaigns for people less fortunate, he has won awards, he is respected throughout his industry. Oh and he’s chill. Pretty sure I’d be way cooler if he was my dad.

So that’s all for now… which dads do you like best? Let me know at the bottom of the internet where things get sticky.

What Are You Wearing?

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  • Sorry to burst your bubble, sweetie, but the bestest ST captain was Benjamin Sisko (Deep Space Nine), and “the Voice of God”, Morgan Freeman, is a hateful bigot and misdirected enemy of mother Russia. You can’t set a foot wrong with Palin, although he’s a Brit. That usually disqualifies him from every competition … but then he’s a Python so all is forgiven. 🙂

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    • You can’t bust my dad bubbles! Sisko my arse: D

      I’ve not looked into Freeman’s attitude to Russia, but Putin and his nerve agents can kiss my fat ass.

      Sorry my bum was referenced so much in my reply ! 😄


  • I love Michael Palin! He’d sure keep me on my toes with his comedic wit. My dad died when I was young, but he was a great dad. I’d have to say Paul McCartney. A bass player and all around likeable guy. But, he may be closer to being a granddad.

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  • Robin Williams, I mean, can anyone really top him? He was Mrs. Doubtfire, Mork, Teddy Roosevelt, Genie, John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt, Popeye and perhaps the greatest dad of all time… Peter Pan.
    James Earl Jones, Pretty much the same reasons as Morgan Freeman. The voice is to die for!! I mean, really, Vader would be recording your voicemail message!
    Tom Hanks, just an all around good guy and great actor.
    Rowan Atkinson. First saw him in Blackadder at my Grandads house. A bit of background, my grandad was british and was probably one of the first people i had heard of getting BBC (or its equivalent) from the cable company in the late 70’s early 80’s. So i grew up on all the classic BBC shows, Dr Who, Blackadder, Two Fat Ladies, Fawlty Towers, Monty Python, Are you being served and the like. Loved and still love the dry intellectual humour.
    Can we choose characters?
    Uncle Phil from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.
    Uncle Iroh from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
    Gomez Addams from The Addams Family
    Rupert Giles from Buffy.

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    • You can have whoever you like sugar! Loving the range and reasons. Rowan is rather quiet and shy in real life, you probably know that already. Robin… aww, what a ledge. Totally lovely. X

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  • All three very nice choices as fantasy dad … and I would add Sir Sean Connery (Rest In piece) and Harrison Ford to that list for me ❤ Both very charming men with that little bad side that would understand me when I did something wrong at school laughs. And omg just imagine Sean reading a bed time story in the voice of the dragon from “Dragonheart” … that would be amazing!

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  • My friend from school and I had, as you call them fantasy dads. I can’t remember who she chose but I would run around telling everyone…Pierce Brosnan is my real dad. Even my actual dad would say…oh no…I can do such and such for you, I’m not your real dad remember, go ask Pierce. 😛

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    • Haha, I feel a bit sorry for your dad! But I have to say, isn’t Pierce a bit hot to be your dad? Mind you, I’m thinking of back in the day x

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  • I guess that’s true but I think I picked him because my dad is goofy and embarrassing (especially in pubic) and Mr. Brosnan seemed to be better equipped to handle public appearances…haha.

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  • My mind goes to men that are actually a bit too young to be my dad, like françois Morel and Alain Chabat – they might have been great uncles, looks like I don’t really need a fantasy dad, mine being great – if I had to though: Louis Chedid maybe. Yeah I know, sorry, all French.

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    • I’ll look them up when I’m back in the computer. I can’t imagine you having a dad who isn’t French. It would dilute your shrug. 😄xxx


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