All about Meri

Meri has been a Second Life resident since 2008 and originally started blogging in early 2010. You can find her archived blog which contains all the posts up to 2016 on the ReadMeri Archive. Most of her SL time was taken up running an indie club with her partner, Thom, until 2018 when they decided 9 years was quite enough and retired from nightly clubbing.

Meri loves music, fashion and shiny things and likes to share her love of the ridiculous via the blog. Many posts are absolute nonsense, although the fashion side is deadly serious. Even when she has a moustache on.

Meri lives in the UK, always has a cat or two (currently one) and is a proud step-mummy to Thom’s cat also. She eats Cadbury’s chocolate, never Galaxy. Once, she and Thom had a fish-finger sandwich that was so amazing, they still talk about it. She did not vote for Brexit.

This picture was not taken by Meri, but someone with tons more talent – Kiana Jarman


  • Meri! Thank you so much for liking my first Posh Mesh post. It took a lot of courage to post before I felt my mesh was perfect and ready to upload but I finally came to the conclusion that my journey there will be just as important.
    Your blog is one of the BEST DAMN FASHION blogs i’ve seen and from this day forward your jiggle test is added to my workflow. One day, if i’m lucky, I may even see my original designs here. Fingers crossed and thanks for the inspiration! Hyst

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    • Aw thanks for stopping by my blog too Hystvicious. I always admire people who see mesh and think ‘maybe I can teach myself to do that’, I know it takes a ton of work and patience and I love to see new designers starting out. Massive hugs and best wishes for your design future in SL ❤

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  • Hi, Meri (: Would you be interested in showing some of your gorgeous photography in SL at Placebo Gallery? Would have IM’d in-world, but could not find ReadMeri in ‘search’, suspect you may not go under that name, there? Anyway, really love your photography, and would love to put some in the gallery. I’ve never done this before, invited an artist, it’s always been my work and Seri’s private collection (which is HUGE), so this would be a ‘first’. You can find me in-world by ‘searching’ Seraphim Placebo (:

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    • OMG! I’m so so honoured, thank you! (Sorry about all the !!!) I’m Mericat Ireland inworld and I will IM you when I can get in later. ❤ ❤ So exciting.

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    • Im still banging away but im SO DAMN PICKY that its taking forever, i will post some WIPS on the blog but Meri…I read your blog as my guide! No kidding, plus im great at stalling, Ha! I even went club crawling the other night to put off working, I’ts been so long since i’ve done that that I hit up all of them at closing time i think. Big Hug you talented woman! H

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    • Naw nooooooo, you’re the talented one, even if you’re procrastinating. I just wear the stuff. Keep going Hyst 🙂


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