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I’ve been blogging SL Fashion since 2014 and have a good following through various forms of social media and here on the blog.

I’m active on Facebook and Flickr and if I have a ‘unique selling point’ I think it’s that I’m very sociable and friendly.

I will consider blogging:

Original mesh clothes only. I wear Maitreya Lara at the moment.

Jewellery – Preferably quirky, boho type stuff in mesh.

Hair – I use a lot of hair, one a day in fact!

Hats, bags, glasses and other accessories – all very welcome. I like these a LOT.

Quirky items – as long as they are not huge and can fit into a picture with my avatar.

Bakes on Mesh items – make-up, tattoos, freckles, tights, socks etc. (ie. layers not appliers)

Poses – As long as they are interesting and not just ‘standing there looking pretty’ ones.

I don’t blog the following and will give reasons –

Non-original mesh clothing – I have blogged template mesh designs in the past and found it leads to duplication of style on the blog, so I won’t do that any longer.

Applier Clothing – Because it’s not something I’d wear on a normal basis and ReadMeri shows what I actually would normally wear.

Nail Polish appliers – Because it limits how I can take the pictures very much if I have to showcase nails.

Facial/genital piercings – I very rarely show items like this and then only for existing designers.

Re-textures of an original design too soon after the original… Cus I don’t like to repeat things.

Not looking to blog unless you’re irresistible –

Decor – generally… that is to say I have blogged some decor, but it’s not where my strength lies and so don’t really want to take on any new decor designers at the moment. If you have amazing poses in the decor items, let me know because the avatar is the focus of any picture I do, so it might work!

Shoes – But really it depends on style – I like boots, flats, sandals, quirky, indie, boho etc. I’m not really into strappy heels, for instance.

Skins – I’m quite particular about my skin, it has to be very detailed, very natural and look like ‘me’. I can try on 100 really great skins from really great skin designers and only like 1 or 2. For this reason, I’m not usually interested unless you are Deetalez, Pink Fuel or Lara Hurley… although there may be brands I’ve not yet tried! I use Bakes on Mesh for my skins not appliers.

If you have anything which falls outside of those parameters, I’d love to hear from you, cus who knows eh? Have a great day, Meri x





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