Blog your stuff?


Hi! Thanks for dropping into my ‘designer?’ page.  If you like what I do here at ReadMeri, you can contact me inworld – Mericat Ireland – or via email to discuss me blogging for you.

I’ve been blogging SL Fashion since 2014 and have a good following through various forms of social media and here on the blog.

I’m active on Facebook and Flickr and if I have a ‘unique selling point’ I think it’s that I’m very sociable and friendly.

I will consider blogging:

Original mesh clothes only. I wear Maitreya Lara at the moment.

Shoes – Depends on style – I like boots, flats, sandals, quirky, indie etc. I’m not really into strappy heels, although some exceptions are possible when the designs are varied.

Jewellery – Preferably quirky, statement piece type work, in mesh – to reduce avatar rendering cost.

Hair – I use a lot of hair, mainly blondes although I do diversify sometimes!

Hats, bags, glasses and other accessories-  all good. I like these a LOT.

Poses – Individual poses only, preferably not furniture based although I do love ‘props’ such as phones, bottles, cigarettes etc.

Quirky items – as long as they are not huge and can fit into a picture with my avatar.

Applier items only if they are socks, stockings, tights.

Make-up and skins, as apply to the Catwa Bento head and Maitreya Lara body.

Tattoos – with appliers for Maitreya Lara and as long as they are not overtly sexual or bitchy.

I don’t blog the following and will give reasons –

Non-original mesh clothing – I have blogged template mesh designs in the past and found it leads to duplication of style on the blog, so I won’t do that any longer.

Applier Clothing – Because it’s not something I’d wear on a normal basis and ReadMeri shows what I actually would normally wear.

Nail appliers – Because it limits how I can take the pictures very much if I have to showcase nails.

Decor – generally… that is to say I do blog some decor, but I feel it’s not where my strength lies and so don’t want to take on any new decor designers at the moment.

Facial/genital piercings – I very rarely show items like this and then only for existing designers.

I also am not able to guarantee a percentage of all releases. I have to like it and feel it fits with my kind of styling. Most designers I work with do get all their blog releases covered, but most didn’t ask for 100%, so it leaves an element of personal choice.

Retextures of an original design too soon after the original… cus I don’t like to repeat things.

If you have anything which falls outside of those parameters, I’d love to hear from you, cus who knows eh? Have a great day, Meri x



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